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What is Bitcoin file?

Bitcoin File users are encouraged to rent and share their own storage resources to realize commercialization, and individuals are empowered through blockchain to build a decentralized digital economic data cloud storage platform.

The unique multi chain storage network and coding technology, Sha 256, AES 256 CTR bank level encryption methods, have achieved a qualitative breakthrough in storage efficiency, data reliability, data security and reducing storage costs. In view of information review and suppression, BF proposes solutions to delete or reduce single point failure system or software layer. At the same time, BF will be the first to open source code on GitHub and accept public review.


Abel Bush


After graduating from MIT, he became the leader of Google's blockchain application development team. For many years, it has been committed to the deep development and practical promotion of blockchain technology, and is the largest promoter and actual leader of the establishment of bitcoin file platform.

Croline Jolie


Former head of Facebook user security service center. At JPMorgan Chase, Merrill Lynch and HSBC have 20 years of experience with banks in London and Asia. Responsible for infrastructure and architecture design, development and support of high-speed trading and market data systems, including multi billion dollar real-time foreign exchange trading platform. He studied computer science at the University of Glasgow.

Sunny Tommy


Graduated from Stanford University, he once worked as a financial manager in many Internet enterprises. In this process, he fully realized the importance of security and mutual trust to the financial management of enterprises. After joining bitcoin file, he took full control of the establishment of bitcoin file financial management system and the improvement of business model.

Brynden Tully


Graduated from Oxford University, he is the top Internet Security Manager in Europe. He once led the Internet security work of international organizations such as EU and IMF. He is the pioneer and main promoter in the field of global blockchain and data security linkage. His joining greatly accelerated the formation of bitcoin file's encryption algorithm, consensus algorithm and other technical systems.

Baier Blomfield


Graduated from Moscow University, is a full-fledged developer with rich experience in the development of software, web application idioms and its automation field, across a variety of fields and programming languages. His rich professional background makes him feel comfortable in bitcoin file algorithm testing and application layer construction.

Mike Kim


Graduated from MIT, joined China Mobile after graduation. Once served as the director of China Mobile cloud computing platform, providing public cloud services for government and enterprise customers. With rich experience in overseas digital marketing, started to research and follow up blockchain technology in 2017 and joined bitcoin file team.

William Coleman


Graduated from Cambridge University and a top Actuary in the UK, he provides various types of data consulting services for a number of economic affairs organizations in the European Union. He is the most determined supporter of blockchain in the global financial industry. In recent years, he has actively participated in the international blockchain research and development and cooperation, providing a large number of contacts and channel resources for the development of bitcoin file.

Lam Syin


Graduated from Nanyang University of technology, he is one of the leaders in Singapore's blockchain industry, known as "the most knowledgeable blockchain technology on the equator". He has participated in the initiation and operation of several top international blockchain ecological platforms, and will be fully responsible for the promotion and landing of bitcoin file in the Asia Pacific region.

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Dear community members and BF supporters,

The BF Foundation has destroyed 100,000 BFS at 23:00 on July 21, 2020 (UTC+8). The BF Foundation has destroyed a total of 1,100,000 BFS, and the destruction of 1100,000 BFS be completed . Holders of currency will be able to enjoy the value increase brought by the reduction of the total circulation.

This destruction of etherscan. IO chain query address:

0 xd5c24a2a113593d61c069b9d4a7728553c4a5618

Transfer address of BF destroyed in this exchange:

0 xee293e5123146994edd5a4e39090a15ceda64d90

BF foundation

July 21, 2020